Copywriting: An E-Book Review

Hello Readers!

Tonight I want to share a really great E-book that I am very thankful I was able to read and review for you.

I try to regularly stay networked on LinkedIn and I’m a member of several business-focused groups in the Northwest so a couple weeks ago I just so happened to come across Damon Verial’s post about his new E-Book. Even though he was already at his quota for reviewers he graciously let me in on it anyway because I shared with him that I just started my own business and it would be very applicable to me.

So first & foremost thank you Damon & forgive me for taking much too long to write this – see, I’ve never done a legit book review before and I wanted to make sure I gave it enough time and thought and that this would be a nice caliber review. I am super new on the scene out here on my own in entrepreneurship. Here it goes!

The E-book is called “How to Get High Paying Copywriting Clients and Make Them Come to You.”

Let me tell you guys – this is not some ordinary E-book! I’ve downloaded a lot of whitepapers and given them a read but this is much more dynamic, you don’t just read it once and put it away – this is a tool that you work with to realistically improve your business. There are so many whitepapers that I think just get written because the author wants to show their skills, but this is a guide that Damon says “is everything he wished he would have known when he started out.” So this isn’t just to show everything Damon knows – this is to share the wealth, and help out people like me just getting started in the freelance/contract world. Even though my primary business isn’t copywriting, I was able to gain so much useful information from this book and I can say honestly that I will continue to use it for a while. 

The best part is that it comes with a workbook that goes chapter by chapter so you can formulate your personal strategy based on what you’re reading in the E-book. Now that I think about it, the pair of the E-book & workbook together could pretty much be a college course. Damon, here, saved you a bunch of time and gave you all the best subject-matter, no busy work included.

It got me thinking about the world of copywriting and that maybe I was selling myself short by not making it more of a focal point in my business. The way I have my fee schedule set up is on a scale of levels of services from Platinum down to Bronze, and copywriting is somewhere in the middle, it’s not given a high priority – but that will most likely change soon. As Damon mentions in the book, I can use copywriting to get my foot in the door and then as an added bonus, offer my consulting, or switch it the other way around and when I’m getting someones social media set up I can bring up – hey, I can write some awesome copy for you. Boom, much more earning potential there.

Also, one thing I’ve been thinking about since my first read through is if I should give myself a niche in the industry because Damon writes about how important that is. It helps filter your client base and differentiate yourself from the “sea of faceless copywriters” all applying for the same jobs online. Plus, Damon gave himself a niche and is a working success example. I think I figured mine out. I feel like if I’m going to offer copywriting – I want to be specific and do only social media copywriting, for the clients who are doing advertising campaigns on social media sites. I think I can channel into that market and do well there because I’ve been and continue to be that consumer they are targeting and I know to get those clicks you have to really get someones attention. I could kick some butt at that. So there you go. I found my niche. Don’t you guys go stealing it! Haha. Thank you Damon!

Some other useful points he brings up in the E-book that I definitely appreciate are that there are some clients you DON’T want, some traps you can avoid by being proactive, and that you can use a combination of active & passive marketing to build your client base.

He doesn’t just give you the guidance, he actually takes it the next step further and tells you specific sites to check out! He really did cover all the stops in this one. So don’t wait one more day in the entrepreneurial unknown – there really ARE useful tools out there for you – get your copy here and make sure you keep in touch with myself & Damon on your new clients! Trust me, I’ll be blogging with my news right here.

Before I go, I think this wouldn’t really be a proper review without some critique so I will just bring up one thing, and it’s not even on the content but just on the layout and use of white space. When you first get the book you might think WOAH because it’s over 100 pages – but you quickly see how fast you can get through it because the margins are pretty wide and there’s a lot of white space and spacing. Honestly, I would much rather see a more polished 75 page E-Book. That could just be my personal preference. The way it’s so spaced out is not as easy on the eyes. You’ve got some huge spaces and new paragraphs and sections starting at the bottom of the page. It’s almost like the goal was to stretch it out and make it seem longer for some reason. The overall book could have benefited from just a very last 5-10 minute step to fix that kind of thing. I noticed for a lot of my essays and researched papers in school, I generally got better feedback when I remembered that step. I think it makes the paper look less rushed. Always be thinking about the flow. Easy fix. Keeps it nice and polished.

That’s all I’ve got, thanks everyone! I very much hope you get as much from the E-book as I did 🙂

By: Kelly Rates